Tigertail Contract and Rules

Short Term Contract

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General rules for 750 Tigertail Ct. Marco Island, Florida 34145

Maximum Guests: 8 Minimum Renting Age 30

1) Absolutely no illegal drugs/actions or excessive drinking or excessive noise.

2) Tenant will be responsible for any fines or summons imposed by Marco Island Law
Enforcement and as a result of actions of tenant or guest’s actions.

3) NO SMOKING: There is NO SMOKING or SMOKING RESIDUE (Like used ash trays) allowed in
our home under ANY conditions. In the event it is determined that Tenant or ANYONE they
allowed in the home did SMOKE/Brought RESIDUE inside TENANT agrees to pay a $500 fine
if said actions are determined.

4) Indemnification: Homeowner shall not be liable to Tenant and/or Guest or any person for
any damages to the property or for the injury to persons upon the Premises, from any
cause whatsoever, including defects to the Premises or otherwise. Guest’s personal
property kept upon the Premises, or any storage items or areas, shall be kept there at the
sole risk of Guest; Homeowner shall in no event be liable for any loss, destruction or theft
of, or damages to such property. Guest shall indemnify and hold harmless Homeowner
from and against liabilities, claims, expenses, fees, and loss of use and occupancy of the
Premises. As there are risks associated with just about any activity one participates in,
Tenant acknowledges that their participation of the rental of this Home and Swimming
Pool is purely voluntary and Tenant is renting it despite this risk. Tenant hereby voluntarily
releases and forever discharges and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Addison
Automatics, Inc. and John T. Smith from any and all claims, demands or cause of action
which may be connected with said rental property. Homeowner shall not be liable to
Tenant or guest for any injuries or death incurred while using the pool/pool area. Swim at
your own risk. Please supervise all children in and around all water areas. There is no glass
permitted in the pool area.

5) In the event that Tenant and/or Guest files a lawsuit against Addison Automatics, Inc.
and/or John T. Smith, said lawsuit will be filed in the State of Illinois, and agree that they
substantive laws of the State of Illinois will apply.

6) Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase traveler insurance.

7) Rental Termination: This is a non-cancellable lease. In the event of any circumstance that
prevents the Tenant from occupying the above accommodation, Tenant shall notify
Homeowner in writing. The Homeowner shall make a good faith effort to re-lease the
property to a qualified prospect. Provided that the property is re-leased for the same term
and the same rental rate, the Tenant shall receive a credit less $200 to be used for future
re-rental at the same property.

8) Pets/Guests: There shall be no pets allowed on the property unless otherwise agreed by
the OWNER. Tenant is limited to the number of overnight Guests stated in this agreement.
The rental rate is based on the number of Guests specified in this agreement and could
change should there be additional Guests. In the event it is determined that Tenant did
exceed the number of Guests specified, they are waiving their right to their security refund
and may be subject to additional charges.

9) Tenant Responsibilities: Tenant agrees to perform “Normal” household duties. Tenant
understands they are occupying a home in a RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY which has
ordinances including, but not limited to, Occupancy, Noise levels, Number of Vehicles,
Trailers (none allowed outside), RVS (none allowed), Parking, etc. Tenant accepts
responsibility for any violations or costs associate with Tenant’s or Guests failure to comply
with these ordinances.

10) Loss of Use/Liability: Under certain extreme Circumstances the property may
become Unavailable to the Tenant either Prior to or during their stay. This could be the
result of Property sale, Damage to the Property that makes it unusable or numerous other
reasons beyond our control. In such an event, the Owner is limited in liability to the
amount of Rent paid and must refund either the whole amount of rent if the Tenant never
occupied the property or the prorated amount which reflects the days the property was
not occupied by the Tenant. In such a case the Tenant assumes all responsibility for any
cost to them or their Guests as a result of the unavailability of the property for their stay.
Tenant agrees that the Owner and their Agents are not responsible for acts of Theft,
Vandalism, or there damages to Tenant’s or Guest’s Personal Property or belongings.

11) Weather Conditions/Acts of God: Owner is not responsible for any weather
condition or acts of God or nature that happen during Tenants stay on premises. Further
the Owner shall not forfeit the rental amount if the Tenant cannot get to or stay in the
property due to any act of nature, unless the property is rendered unsafe, unusable, or
Marco Island is CLOSED due to a Mandatory Evacuation. In such an event, the Owner will
prorate the refund for the days that the home cannot be used or accessed.

12) Quiet Enjoyment/Construction: Tenant agrees that Owner is not responsible for the
actions of contractors on properties other than our own. Tenant agrees that the Owner is
not responsible for the breach of the Quiet Enjoyment of the home by Tenant or Guest due
to any circumstances beyond our control.

13) Boat Docking: Maximum of 1 boat or 2 wave runners is allowed. Use of the boat
dock is provided at the Tenants risk. Tenant must be knowledgeable in the use of the Dock
before attempting to use it. Tenant assumes all responsibility from any attempt to use the
Dock. Marco has a significant tidal swing and boat docking must support the tidal swing as
to prevent damage to the boat and dock.

14) End of Term: At the end of the term, the Tenant shall leave the premises clean and in
good condition, remove all Tenant property. Tenant agrees to bare additional cost if
excessive amount of cleanup work or repair/replacement is needed.

15) Survival: If any clause or term in this Agreement is contrary to law, the remainder of
the Agreement shall remain in full force.

16) Consumables: The Tenant/Guests are responsible to provide their own consumable
(paper Products, soaps,) we provide the very basics to get you started until you can shop.
17) Laws: The Laws of the State of Florida shall apply to this Agreement and any disputes
pertaining to this agreement or occupancy of the property.